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We export meat and cereals to around 15 countries, with the focus mainly on African nations. We are also exporting products from other countries around the world.


1. What Regulations Do I Need to Comply With?


3. How to find HS code for a product?

To know the HS code for a product, click on the ‘ITC (HS) based policy’ on the official website of DGFT. An ITC (HS) query form will get open in a new window. Insert the product’s name in the description option o know the HS Code of the product. If, one is already aware of the HS code and wants to know the product, then enter the ITC (HS) code option to know the product.

5. What is Foreign Trade Law?

The India’s foreign trade legislation is controlled by the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992. Through this policy, the Indian government permits the imports into India and encourages exports from India.

7. What Documents are Needed for Import/Export?

Standard documents like commercial invoices and certificates of origin are the most important. However, each commodity might also require additional documentation.

2. What is ITC (HS) Code?

The ITC (HS) Code is known as Indian Trade Classification (Harmonised System) Code which was adopted in India for exporting importing operations. An 8 digit ITC (HS) Code is used by the Indian customs for the national trade requirements.

4. What are the conditions in which IEC code is not required?

IEC Code is not required when :– i) The import and export is done by the government departments ii) The import and export is done by certain notified charitable NGOs. iii) Products for personal use are imported or exported.

6. Is IEC registration required despite having GST?

It is necessary for every person who imports or exports to obtain IEC registration. It is necessary to register with DGFT department even if the business is registered under GST

8. Who is in Charge of Regulating Exports?

Each country you plan to export to will have their own specific rules and regulations. Please contact one of our International Trade Advisors to discuss how exporting will work in your unique set of circumstances.

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